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The Quad Helix…the forgotten one

The Quad Helix…the forgotten one

By Dr. Michel Champagne, BA, DMD, MAGD, IBO, CDE

The goals of Phase One treatment can be resumed by early unlocking which often includes transverse development of the maxilla, the preservation of the Leeway space, alignment of the upper incisors and molar derotation. In these times when everyone discusses of airway problems, sleep apnea, tongue function, etc., what could be better  than the use of a small transverse appliance, easy to wear appliance with multiple possibilities.

With the Quad helix the clinician has many options, from a laboratory made appliance to the use of pre-fabricated modules adjusted directly at the chair in a very short time. The Quad helix is very user friendly for the patient and the clinician, attached on molar bands fitted with horizontal palatal tubes, like the ones used for a trans-palatal bar. I like to call this appliance, the fixed-removable one, fixed for the patient and removable for the clinician, which makes it very easy to adjust. In times where cooperation is sometime difficult, the Quad helix blends well in a modern 2020 practice. It can be fitted rapidly, it is small and easy to adjust.



Figure 1. Insertion of the Quad                         Figure 2. 3 months later with buccal arms cut

In our next infoletter we will discuss the Quad helix adjustements.