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Where Can I Satisfy My Day-to-Day Ortho Knowledge

by Dr. Michel Champagne, BA, DMD, MAGD, IBO, CDE

For most of us, family, work, and leasure fill out the day leaving somewhat limited time to feed our orthodontic knowledge appetite. This real life limitation is precisely why quality orthodontic blogs exist. You are now reading the IAO Quebec ortho blog or infoletter but they are many others that I find interesting.

You could look at the following for a start :

  1. from Dr. Jules Lemay, (in French and English). It is full of notions for the patient and I find it interesting for staff training.
  2. Orthodontics professors at, an excellent site for the clinician.
  3. Essentials biomechanics at, where the orthodontist who manages the site demonstrate different wire bending techniques for many situations.
  4. Jorgensen Orthodontic blog at, a site interesting for patient education but also for the dentist and staff.

Check them out and choose what fits your needs. In one of our next nerwsletter, I will give you other open sources of information going beyond the blog for those who want more.

Smile and keep having fun in your practice, dentistry is a wondefull place to be.