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Root torque spring…new approach

Goodman vs Warren auxiliary root torque spring

In the last years, the Goodman spring became very popular to add torque to a single tooth but we all had performance problems with that spring, it had the tendency to roll on the wire loosing some of it’s force. Now we know of a better way. The Warren spring passed under our radar but it has been on the market since the 70’s. From Rocky Mountain Orthodontics (RMO), it comes in different sizes (RM-A00474 for .018x.025 or RM-00467 for .019x.025 main archwire). The big difference lies in the shape of the lumen. The Warren has a rectangular lumen compared to the Goodman which has a round lumen, the round lumen allows some rotation even after crimping it to the archwire. In conclusion, if you want better torque from your auxiliary, go for the Warren spring.