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part 3. A Clinical Case of Molar Eruption

part 3. A permanent Molar Caught on the distal of another one

Dr. Michel Champagne, BA, DMD, MAGD, IBO, CDE  

In the last blog we showed a drawing of a technique in which a CuNiti .014 or .016 was inserted under the contact point between the second primary molar and first molar. This technique can also apply to other situations in the permanent dentition either in teens or adult patients. Here is a case sent in by Dr. El Jebaily from Montreal.

The technique is simple in a case where you can access under the contact point between the two molars. The rule of thumb being if your explorer can fit under the contact point, the wire will pass. On the x-ray the wire seems in the messy distal orientation but clinically it engages under the contact point in a buccal-lingual direction.