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Carriere Class II Corrector…Does It Work?

More Info on the Carriere Class II Corrector

By Dr. Michel Champagne, BA, DMD, MAGD, IBO, CDE

To just recently we only had many differing opinions from users on the Carriere Class II Corrector (CC2). Dr. Carriere promotes his appliance for quadrant distalization up to 8-9 mm and this in only 3-4 months. I always took a more prudent position and I would only recommend the CC2 appliance for distalization of no more than 3-4 mm, let’s say around half a bicuspid hoping for a success rate around 90% if cooperation is adequate.

In the last few months, 2 studies came out on the CC2. The first one was published in Progress in Orthodontics which is an open access publication,,. In this study they could not find any significative orthopedic effect on growing patients. The effects were only dento-alveolar and the treatment duration for the CC2 phase was around 6 months but could be longer if side effects occurred. This study has a medium value due to the structure that the authors chose. The other study was published in the Angle Orthodontist, which also has an online open access . The authors are Drs. Hera, McNamara and al. They evaluated 34 patients hand picked by Dr. Carriere from his own practice. What more can we ask than to see how the guru himself manages the distalization. They came to the following conclusions :

  1. The Carriere Class II Corrector has no significative orthopedic effect
  2. The changes are dental with an average overjet decrease of 2.9 mm, an improvement in molar relation of 3.1 mm and the proclination of the lower incisor by 3.8 degrees
  3. The average duration of the distalization phase was 5.2 months.

Like the first study, this one also is weak :

  1. The cases were hand picked by Dr. Carriere, this could introduce some bias.
  2. The cases that took too long for the distalization phase were excluded from the study, around 25% of the cases.

The lecture of these 2 studies do not change my earliest opinion on the Carriere Class II Corrector (see the blog from October 15, 2018). The CC2 is not the ideal choice when the distalisation needed is more than half the width of a bicuspid and the mandibular retrusion is pronounced.