Dr. Elizabeth Menzel, orthodontist

Her lecture is one on TMJ-orthodontics for all of those who practice orthodontics on children and adults and also for dentists who treat TMJ dysfunctions but are not doing the orthodonctic part of the treatment.

Why should anyone follow this course? If you practice orthodontics, even if you do not treat TMJ dysfunction patients, it is obvious that sooner or later, one of your active orthodontic patient will have a TMJ problem during the orthodontic phase. You must know what to do in such a situation. Why Dr. Menzel? She is a world leader in this field and she bases her philosphy and techniques on sound principles.

Dr. Derek Mahony, orthodontist, had this to say about her : ‘’I highly recommend Dr. Menzel lecture, she is a great and credible speaker, one of the top speakers in her field today’’.
Lear about Dr. Menzel at https://elizabethmenzel.de/gentle-orthodontics

Dr Matias Anghileri, orthodontist

Dr. Anghileri practices in Argentina. He is also on the teaching staff at the University of Buenos Aires and he is a featured speaker at most of the Damon forums all over the world from California to Russia. He is an expert of the Damon System and the topic of his lecture will be on ‘’Making the Most of the Damon System’’ while at the same time ‘’Breaking the Myths of the Damon System’’. He will focus on tips and tricks to help you maximize treatments both on adults and children. He will cover and explain the myths of the Damon system as well as covering retention problems. This course is for all dentists and staff that use or intend to use Self Ligating Brackets (SLB) in their office. The Damon system is an evolutive system and you must keep up to maximize the effect. Dr. Anghileri will cover numerous subjects like mixed dentition treatment, bite turbos, control of rotations, the ANG technique, the golden rules of torques, the use of early elastics, solving bonding problems on second lower molars, impacted cuspids, overlay wires, Damon accessories, 8 different ways of treating narrow arches, finishing arches, orthodontic anchorage, midline corrections and much more.

Why should you listen to Dr. Anghileri : for all the above , plus he will show you how you can get the most of your orthodontic mechanics. Learn more about Dr. Anghileri at www.matiasanghileri.com