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Saturday November 14, 2020

Dr.  Bill Dischinger

Dr. Bill Dischinger  orthodontist is in private practice in Porland, Lake Oswego and Canby Oregon, USA. He also teaches part time at the U. of the Pacific in San Francisco CA.  He lectures worldwide and is considered by his peers as an expert in the orthodontic field. He lectures for Ormco and Propel Orthodontics. Il the last 5 years, he has lectured in 15 countries on more than 5 continents. He has many  publications on a variety of topics in his field. Dr. Dischinger graduated as a general dentist in 1997  from the U. of Oregon, he then graduated in the specialty of orthodontics at Tuffs U. of Boston in 1999 and his in private practice since that date.  Dr. Dischinger is one of the biggest North American user of the  Spark system  having done than a thousand cases with this system  which is an alternative to the  Invisalign system with a lower cost to the clinician. The Spark system uses the same plateform than the Insignia system which makes them compatible and could be very useful if you start or finish your case with fixed braces. Dr. Dischinger was elected the”Top Dentist” of Portland OR by his association in 2019.






Sunday November 15, 2020

Dr.  Skander Ellouze


Dr. Skander Ellouze is in private practice in Tunis. We know that more of 60% of the cases that come to the office  are Classe II, we must use many techniques to manage every situation. The removable functional appliance approach  commands a cooperation that is not always possible and even if it is, the clinician has to manage many undesirable secondary effects.  Dr. Ellouze is an expert in combining the functional European approach to North American fixed techniques. He will discuss in details the approach of treating the Sagittal First philosophy, the Carriere CMA , which is a popular alternative run many cases.









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