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Saturday November 9,

Dr.  John Lin

Orthodontist and author of the book ”Creative Orthodontics (2017)”, professor at U. of Tapei and in private practice. His lecture will discuss  Easy and reliable methods for molar distalization” to be able to have net gain, avoiding incisor flaring. Now with the advanced technology of combining TADs (Temporray Anchorage Devices) and PSL (Passive Self Ligating Brackets), the net gain of distalization can be easily achieved. A major advantage for most Cl II cases. Will also be covered ”The latest of Cl III TADs treatment-simple and efficient”. TADs have been on the market for 2 decades. Very difficult or impossible to treat cases are now treatable without surgery. Dr. Lin will cover the simple way of using IZC (Infrazygomatic screw) and buccal shelf screw, including indications, details of screw placement, CBCT analysis to avoid screw interference. He will also discuss palatal screws and how he sees their usage.

Learn more about Dr. Lin at http://iaoi.pro/asset/files/ijoi_46_pdf_article/004_016.pdf





Sunday November 10, 2019

Dr.  Normand Bach

Orthodontist in private practice in Montreal Qc and also professor at the U. of Montreal, Head of the undergraduate program. Orthodontics is the place of many controversies, one of them is treatment timing. What should we treat early and when should we wait? Dr. Bach will discuss 1 Phase and 2 Phase treatment approaches, looking at specific mechanics for each situation. This will be Dr. Bach New Advanced Lecture for practitioners with orthodontic knowledge. He will discuss  the modern approach to this old dilemna of treatment timing. With all the philosphies of treatment coexisting today, Dr. Bach will help you make the right choice based on his experience and current scientific knowledge.

Learn more about Dr. Bach at https://orthodontistmontreal.com




Dr. Martin Lemay

Dr. Martin Lemay, in general practice in Trois-Rivières, Qc. Dr. Lemay has been teaching Computerized Bracket Systems (CBS) at the Inetrnational Dental Institute for more than 5 years. Since 2010, Dr. Lemay only uses the Insignia computerized bracket system. With more than 500 cases finished to date with this technique, he will discuss the advantages he sees for his practice with this aproach: increased productivity, quality, consistency of the results and stress reduction for the staff. He will walk you through the evolution and last innovations of the system. Dr. Lemay will walk you through what he calls the Orthodontic Approach of the Modern World. You need to be aware of what is available today. This is not the future of orthodontics, it is actually what makes your practice easier right now.

Learn more about Dr. Lemay at https://lemayauclairdube.ca




Dr. Pierre Pellan

Dr. Pierre Pellan is a general dentist in Quebec city, Qc. He is a Senior IAO instructor with an IBO Diplomate certification Dr. Pellan has a practice limited to orthodontics. He will discuss the choices you have in your bracket system torques and what the right choice of torque can do in giving you better end results with less effort. He will demonstrate how your decisions  really make a difference. Is this approach solely a marketing gig from manufacturers or is there some science behind it. Dr. Pellan will show to you and your team when and why it makes a difference in limiting side effects of your mechanics. What is the logical mix of torque and elastics; torque and easier finishing; torque and faster retreatment. Everyone wants to  treat better, faster and the solutions are often more basic than osteostimulation, vibration devices, etc. Just understanding basic and advanced orthodontic concepts can make a huge difference.

Learn more about Dr. Pellan at https://centredentairepellanlessard.com


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