Saturday October 29, 2022



A Full Day with Dr.  Diego Peydro, orthodontist (Spain)

#1 Worldwide  Speaker on Aligners

Dr. Peydro obtained his Doctorate from the U. of Valencia and then graduated with a Master in orthodontics from the U. of Southern Mississipi. He holds a Master in the Damon System and he is certified in lingual orrtodontics. Interested in aligners from the beginning of his career he was co-director of the Invisalign Master Class before making the jump to the Spark Aligner System. He has a full time practice and also teaches at the U. of Madrid. Dr Peydro is the number 1 Spark Aligner speaker on the planet. He will showyou in details his techniques and protocols for the Spark Aligner System. His lecture will cover:

  1. The biomechanics and force sytems of clear aligners
  2. Spark approver software
  3. Spark, what are the advantages
  4. How to chose and place the different attachments to get better and faster results
  5. Arch expansion with the Spark aligners
  6. Choosing a treatment protocol adapted to the needs of individual patients
  7. Treating deep bite cases
  8. Treating openbite cases
  9. Opening and closing spaces
  10. Sequential distalisation while controlling anchorage
  11. Over correction vs over treatment

Sunday October 30, 2022

Drs. van Becelaere and Pellan

     Dr.  J.R. van Becelaere, orthodontist (Montreal)

Dr. van Becelaere is in private practice in Montreal and a worldwide speaker on fixed mechanics and mixed treatments. He will lecture on the treatment of Class III in young children and adults without the need of  Face mask or  orthognatic surgery. He will discuss among other topics:

  1. Different growth types specific to Class III
  2. How young can and should we treat and what are the available techniques
  3. The different approaches in children and adults
  4. What are our limits in Class III treatment
  5. The different protocols and techniques of treatment
  6. How to avoid the Face mask in the treatment of a growing child
  7. Cases and their outcomes, let me show you.



    Dr. Pierre Pellan, dentist (Quebec city)


Dr. Pellan graduated from the U. of Montreal in 1995 to continue his orthodontic learning at the Intern Dental Institute in Montreal. He obtained his IBO Diplomate and he is an IAO Master Senior instructor. Dr. Pellan is a user of the Damon Ultima system and In 2019 he was trained in Taiwan on ”Miniscrew anchorage”  by Dr. Chris Chang. He has lectured in Poland, USA, Canada and the Philippines. Dr. Pellan is the current co-editor of the IJO. He will lecture on:

  1. How to incorporate miniscrews in your practice
  2. The utilisation of miniscrews in  different anchorage situations
  3. Placement sites for miniscrews, you can use them not only between the roots
  4. The Damon Ultima system, why I have changed for Ultima
  5. Understanding the Ultima system
  6. What does it take to incorporate Ultima in your practice?
  7. The Ultima protocols and techniques 
Association internationale d’orthodontie, section Québec

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