Dentists Practicing Orthodontics

Dr. Michel Champagne
President IAO Section Quebec

IAO Quebec / A Group of Dentists Practicing Orthodontics in Quebec

The IAO (The International Association for Orthodontics).
The IAO Quebec section is one of the Canadian branches registered under the International Association for Orthodontics (

The IAO publishes the International Journal of Orthodontics four times a year that is available to IAO members for free. The IAO also offers a Professional Advancement Program that can lead to the Diplomate of the International Board of Orthodontics. This program is there to stimulate continuing education and to attain the highest level possible for a general practitioner. For more details, visit the

The IAO Quebec section publishes an info-letter 1-2 times a month (please register to our info-letter by clicking on the icon on the top of this page, it is free and we will not sell your email address). We also put together an annual 2 day meeting on different topics in orthodontics. Our objective is to expose the attendes to a high level of education with different philosophies of treatment. Check the lectures we have planned for you this year under the section Annual Meeting.

part 3. A Clinical Case of Molar Eruption

part 3. A Clinical Case of Molar Eruption

part 3. A permanent Molar Caught on the distal of another one Dr. Michel Champagne, BA, DMD, MAGD, IBO, CDE   In the last blog we showed a drawing of a…


Part 2. Maxillary Molar Impaction

Upper Maxillary Molar Impaction, Part 2 Dr. Michel Champagne, BA, DMD, MAGD, IBO, CDE   In our last blog, we discussed the upper first molar impaction…